March 2, 2010 0

Parent’s motion denied

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Judge Gill denied Mohamed and Aysha Bary’s motion to back out of a deal made on January 19th to allow Rifqa to remain in foster care and attempt reconciliation through the court system. The parents pretended to not know that Rifqa still had contact with other Christians and cried foul once they got Rifqa to plead ‘unruly’.

Their plan backfired today as Judge Gill ruled that the deal made on January 19th would remain in effect and essentially claimed that reconciliation will only be possible if the parents stop the court antics and actually try to talk to Rifqa using the court-appointed counselors.

The Columbus Dispatch and the rest of the CAIR controlled media continues to report that the Lorenzes in Florida are under investigation (which is not true as they have been cleared by FDLE). However, Brian Williams does remain under investigation in Ohio where helping to save someone’s life is now a criminal act.

For more information, check these sources out:

Note the disappointed tone of “Hijab” Heagney at the Columbus Dispatch.

Also, read how sympathetic the Associated Press is with the parents who “just want a reasonable, good faith chance at reconciliation”. You would think that loving parents wouldn’t drag their child to court for 6 months, making and breaking every deal made, spreading libel and allowing serious defamation to make its way around the internet accusing Rifqa of partying and sleeping around with random men.

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