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MyPetJawa does it again… The police report against Mohamed Bary

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From MyPetJawa…

Police report available on threats made by “Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly” “No Abuse to be Found” Mohamed Bary against Rifqa’s counselor, who believes that Mohamed Bary “is capable of harming her and is concerned by his statements”

Earlier this week we reported how Franklin County prosecutor Ron O’Brien had informed his staff that he would not be pressing charges against Rifqa Bary’s father, Mohamed Bary, for witness intimidation and menacing because “it would negatively impact the Muslim community”. Because of the threats made by Mohamed Bary against Rifqa’s state-appointed counselor, Jennifer Dorn, she refused to testify on Rifqa’s behalf in a scheduled hearing last week.

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Everyone is encouraged to contact O’Brien’s office and pressure him to pursue charges against Mohamed Bary for witness intimidation.

O’Brien’s office can be contacted through this contact form or at the address, phone number and email below if anyone might want to have their say:

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien
373 South High St. 14th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 462-3555

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