January 22, 2010 0


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It has been revealed (from the Jawa Report & more coverage at Atlas Shrugs) that the three officers who took over Global Revolution Church in August 2009 are now under criminal investigation for embezzlement, mail tampering, and illegal wiretapping.

Donations confirmed to have been sent to GRC for transfer into Rifqa’s trust fund have not been forwarded to Michael O’Quinn, the trustee. These funds are therefore considered embezzled.

Anyone who sent checks to the Global Revolution Church P.O. Box or transferred money through the church’s PayPal account since August for Rifqa’s defense is encouraged to contact the Orlando Police Department at 321-235-5300 (complaint desk) to report the funds missing.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that the officers illegally tampered with mail addressed to the Lorenzes but received at the GRC P.O. Box. They are under investigation for federal mail tampering.

Anyone who sent mail to the Lorenzs at the Global Revolution Church address are directed towards the USPS website to file a complaint to assist the pending federal mail tampering investigation.

For more information on the church officers and the multiple lawsuits, please go to Jawa Report and Atlas Shrugs.

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