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Dear friends and supporters of Rifqa Bary,

Thanks for your continued prayer and support for Rifqa during this critical period of time. Many of you have asked about an update regarding Rifqa’s situation, as well as ways that you can pray and support her. I’d like to give you a quick update about her next hearing, as well as share a couple of urgent requests that you can be praying about specifically for her.

The next important date for you to put on your calendar is Thursday January 28’th. This is the date that her trial for dependency is set to begin. Obviously this date may change, but at this point this is the date that the Franklin County juvenile court has set for her trial regarding dependency. Obviously, I am convinced that this trial is a matter of life or death for Rifqa, and it must be taken very seriously. Some of you have asked about the court date set for January 19’th. This court date on the 19’th will be a minor court date that will deal with legal motions. Dependency will not be addressed until January 28’th however. If you would like to show up to the courthouse to support Rifqa in prayer, please make plans to come to the court house in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday January 28’th. There will be an update with more specific details about the court date on January 28’th as we get closer to that date.

What Rifqa Bary really needs right now…

Many of you have asked about some needs that Rifqa has right now, and some specific ways to pray for her. Before I get into that let me just reiterate, in spiritual terms, why I am convinced that God has elevated Rifqa’s case to one of the most significant cases in our nation today. I am convinced that Rifqa’s life of tremendous love for Jesus and commitment to radical prayer in the face of tremendous suffering is a challenge and example to much of the sleeping institutional American church. In addition to challenging the American church, Rifqa’s courage in standing up against the brutality and injustice that many other women and converts out of Islam face from Islamic ideology is breaking the dam of fear that millions of others currently live under. Simply put, Rifqa’s courage to live will continue to give scores of people the courage to break free from this bondage as well.

The key factor in all of this is Rifqa’s testimony. Since the beginning of all of this, there has been a concerted effort to keep Rifqa quiet, and her testimony from getting out. There has also been a concerted effort to direct attention away from what is really important in this case…Rifqa’s story! The enemy knows that the more that Rifqa’s life is made known, the more that the truth will be exposed. Groups like C.A.I.R. have an agenda to paint a positive picture of Islam at any cost, and that is why this powerful national organization is advising and directing Rifqa’s parent’s attorneys in their attack against her character and testimony, as well as an attack against those that have helped her.

So what does Rifqa need? Is it more money? Is it more silence?


I am more than convinced that in order for the lies to be exposed and people to be set free, the truth about RIFQA’S conversion to Christianity, (and the threats that she faced as a result), must be told. It must not be watered down to something that it is clearly not. I am asking people who understand and believe in the power of prayer to pray for Rifqa. Without getting into too much detail, you must know that Rifqa not only faces an enemy on one side (as has been the case), I believe that Rifqa has now been surrounded by enemies on all sides. Some of these enemies you would expect, but some you would not. That is all I can say at this point. Please pray for lies to be exposed and for ‘the house’, so to speak, to be cleansed. Please pray for Rifqa to have wisdom and much courage in the days ahead regarding decisions that she will need to make, and please pray for an opportunity for Rifqa to get the truth out to the court and the nation regarding her true testimony of Jesus, and the threat and opposition that she faced as a result. I believe this is very significant!

In order to get the word out about this urgent need for prayer, please feel free to pass this message on to anyone you would like.

For the truth,

Jamal Jivanjee


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