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Hearing Update

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1. Rifqa continues to stay in Florida.

2. Her FDLE interview (where she was denied her request for an attorney) remains sealed.

3. Jurisdiction remains in Florida.

Shayan Elahi, the attorney for the parent’s, is doing everything he can to get the case transferred to Ohio. Ohio is holding a hearing today, they have already appointed a Guardian ad Litem and a judge. For more information about the ‘Cloak and Dagger’ efforts of the family, click here.

**UPDATE: In a blow to Elahi’s (and CAIR’s) insistence that this move back to Ohio immediately, the hearing that was scheduled in Ohio for today has been moved to October 27th. The judge will hear both a criminal case and a dependency case on that date. Rifqa’s Ohio attorney has filed a motion for dismissal of the criminal case.

As for the complaint against the Lorenzes, the Orlando Sentinel is reporting that a letter sent to Orlando PD by the father claims Rifqa was ‘indoctrinated and coerced’ and ‘hidden’ by the Lorenzes. Orlando PD say they are not investigating. FDLE also received the complaint, but have not commented about it. The Lorenzes attorney, Mat Staver, said there is ‘no solid basis for the complaint’.

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