August 5, 2010 1 What Rifqa Bary’s Case Tells Us

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From Fox News, Phyllis Chesler:

America prides itself on religious tolerance. We welcome all houses of worship.

Increasingly, however, Islamist leaders are demanding even more religious tolerance, more mosques.

However, there is absolutely no reciprocity in the Muslim world. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, do not allow Christians, Jews, or other “infidels” to pray openly or to build any or new houses of worship.

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One Response to “ What Rifqa Bary’s Case Tells Us”

  1. kate b and family says:

    So true, the mosque at ground zero is whizzing thru, yet the church already at ground zero can’t get funding to fix it. The Judeo-Christian culture is tertiary in lands whose head is Muslim. I include the EU therefore UK in this statement, but we haven’t given up.

    There has been a camp to combat extremism in Islam – no, they’ve not removed the violent sura’s, and 20 somethings from Manchester said “we shouldn’t look to what is being done in Iraq and Palestine, but use our democracy to lobby govt., democracy is more in line with Islam – TAQQIYAH, Totalitarianism is more in line with Islam – can you see that Islam is the thief which steals, and kills and destroys?

    I;m not calling Muslims, I AM calling Islam, as I have read it, it isn’t the thinking person’s ideology.

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