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From MyPetJawa – Witness Intimidation Coverup!

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MyPetJawa has uncovered another interesting aspect of the Rifqa Bary case. Her father is accussed of witness intimidation but the state is refusing to prosecute because of “negative impact on the Muslim community.”

From MyPetJawa

JAWA EXCLUSIVE: Court Docs – Rifqa Bary’s father, Mohamed Bary, threatened Rifqa’s counselor, who in fear refused to testify on her behalf; Prosecutor Ron O’Brien refuses to file charges because “it will negatively impact the Muslim community”

Yes, we’ve all been told by the Columbus Dispatch, the Orlando Sentinel and the St. Petersburg Times over the past year how Rifqa Bary’s father, Mohamed Bary, would never hurt a soul. But threaten a counselor to intimidate her into not testifying on her daughter’s behalf before a juvenile court judge – that is another matter.

That is the case laid out in court filings submitted last week in the Rifqa Bary custody case (Rifqa turns 18 tomorrow). According to those court documents, some still under court seal, Mohamed Bary threatened Rifqa’s counselor, Jennifer Dorn, through his own court-appointed counselor, saying that “bad things happen to people who testify”. As a result, Dorn steadfastly refuse to testify on Rifqa’s behalf in court last week in fear for her life as a magistrate considered whether to keep her in state custody until her 18th birthday tomorrow.

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3 Responses to “From MyPetJawa – Witness Intimidation Coverup!”

  1. Cayce says:

    They should force the courts to testify against Rifqa’s dad.

  2. T says:

    Well, happy b’day Rifqa!

    Let’s all remember now even though she’s now an adult, she’s still not out of the woods by any means! I just hope she stays safe!

  3. Tom says:

    Rifqa is in more danger now than ever before. Radicasl factions have stated that she should be killed.
    Her father needs to be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for threatening bodily harm to a potential witness. The Franklin County prosecutors office was quick to jump on weak charges made by the Bary’s attorney Omar. Charges against Angie Lloyd one of Rifqa’s attorneys. At the same time they will not follow up on charges against Mohamed Bary because they are in the pocket of the local Moslem community.
    This is despicable!

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