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Jamal on Fox News

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Rifqa gets dependency

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From Atlas Shrugs-

Pamela updates us on the outcome of Rifqa’s court hearing today and John Jay analyzes the results. Read it here.

From Jamal Jivanjee –

This afternoon (Tuesday, Jan. 19’th 2010) Rifqa Bary was declared a dependent of the state of Ohio! This is very good news for Rifqa because it ensures that she will remain in foster care until she is 18. This protects her from being forced to return to her parent’s home. Apparently, Rifqa’s parents realized that they were not going to win the dependency case should it have went to trial. The dependency trial that was scheduled for January 28’th is now cancelled. In exchange for dependency, Rifqa agreed that she violated rules by fleeing her home.

We can celebrate this victory. It is good news for others in Rifqa’s situation that need to flee their home when facing persecution as a result of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Rifqa still needs your prayers for the following:

1. Rifqa needs to be given contact with people she chooses. She has been isolated for far too long.

2. The people who put their lives on the line to rescue her (the Lorenz family and Brian Williams) need to be protected from the false accusations that have been leveled against them.

3. Pray for a suitable foster home for Rifqa until she is 18.

4. Rifqa needs prayer for personal protection. There have been numerous death threats made against her life because she left Islam to become a follower of Jesus.

Many thanks go to all the brave men and women who wrote and called officials both in Florida and in Ohio, who traveled to rallies and hearings, who prayed in church gatherings, journalists and activists who proclaimed the truth about her situation, and attorneys who defended her and gave advice regarding her legal situation. God bless you all.

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CAIR is manipulating the story to avoid spotlight on ‘apostasy’

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From World Net Daily-

Will teen-convert case put Islam on trial in U.S.?

Muslim group CAIR shaping Rifqa Bary story to avoid spotlight on ‘apostasy’

Read it here.

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Rifqa might get a new foster home

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From the Columbus Dispatch-

Attorneys for Fathima Rifqa Bary want the 17-year-old Columbus runaway moved to a different foster home, according to a court document.

Through the discovery process used to clarify evidence, Franklin County Children Services made the names of Rifqa’s foster parents available to everyone involved in the case, according to the motion to move her that was filed Monday by attorneys Kort Gatterdam and Angela Lloyd and Rifqa’s guardian ad litem, Bonnie Vangeloff.

The names could be used to search for an address, and Rifqa could be at risk, the attorneys wrote, saying that both Rifqa and her parents have been threatened.

Read the rest of the story.

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Dear friends and supporters of Rifqa Bary,

Thanks for your continued prayer and support for Rifqa during this critical period of time. Many of you have asked about an update regarding Rifqa’s situation, as well as ways that you can pray and support her. I’d like to give you a quick update about her next hearing, as well as share a couple of urgent requests that you can be praying about specifically for her.

The next important date for you to put on your calendar is Thursday January 28’th. This is the date that her trial for dependency is set to begin. Obviously this date may change, but at this point this is the date that the Franklin County juvenile court has set for her trial regarding dependency. Obviously, I am convinced that this trial is a matter of life or death for Rifqa, and it must be taken very seriously. Some of you have asked about the court date set for January 19’th. This court date on the 19’th will be a minor court date that will deal with legal motions. Dependency will not be addressed until January 28’th however. If you would like to show up to the courthouse to support Rifqa in prayer, please make plans to come to the court house in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday January 28’th. There will be an update with more specific details about the court date on January 28’th as we get closer to that date.

What Rifqa Bary really needs right now…

Many of you have asked about some needs that Rifqa has right now, and some specific ways to pray for her. Before I get into that let me just reiterate, in spiritual terms, why I am convinced that God has elevated Rifqa’s case to one of the most significant cases in our nation today. I am convinced that Rifqa’s life of tremendous love for Jesus and commitment to radical prayer in the face of tremendous suffering is a challenge and example to much of the sleeping institutional American church. In addition to challenging the American church, Rifqa’s courage in standing up against the brutality and injustice that many other women and converts out of Islam face from Islamic ideology is breaking the dam of fear that millions of others currently live under. Simply put, Rifqa’s courage to live will continue to give scores of people the courage to break free from this bondage as well.

The key factor in all of this is Rifqa’s testimony. Since the beginning of all of this, there has been a concerted effort to keep Rifqa quiet, and her testimony from getting out. There has also been a concerted effort to direct attention away from what is really important in this case…Rifqa’s story! The enemy knows that the more that Rifqa’s life is made known, the more that the truth will be exposed. Groups like C.A.I.R. have an agenda to paint a positive picture of Islam at any cost, and that is why this powerful national organization is advising and directing Rifqa’s parent’s attorneys in their attack against her character and testimony, as well as an attack against those that have helped her.

So what does Rifqa need? Is it more money? Is it more silence?


I am more than convinced that in order for the lies to be exposed and people to be set free, the truth about RIFQA’S conversion to Christianity, (and the threats that she faced as a result), must be told. It must not be watered down to something that it is clearly not. I am asking people who understand and believe in the power of prayer to pray for Rifqa. Without getting into too much detail, you must know that Rifqa not only faces an enemy on one side (as has been the case), I believe that Rifqa has now been surrounded by enemies on all sides. Some of these enemies you would expect, but some you would not. That is all I can say at this point. Please pray for lies to be exposed and for ‘the house’, so to speak, to be cleansed. Please pray for Rifqa to have wisdom and much courage in the days ahead regarding decisions that she will need to make, and please pray for an opportunity for Rifqa to get the truth out to the court and the nation regarding her true testimony of Jesus, and the threat and opposition that she faced as a result. I believe this is very significant!

In order to get the word out about this urgent need for prayer, please feel free to pass this message on to anyone you would like.

For the truth,

Jamal Jivanjee


If you would like to view previous articles, you can access them by going to www.illuminate-us.com and clicking on the “writings” link.

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Update from court

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From Columbus Dispatch…

There were several issues resolved today at the hearing in Franklin County Juvenile Court, including:

* Mediation. Magistrate Mary Goodrich said issues now being discussed would best be resolved with individual counseling instead of group mediation.

* Third-party messages. Bary’s parents don’t want her to receive Christmas cards, and had filed a motion that any third-party messages first go to Franklin County Children Services. Omar Tarazi, the family’s attorney, withdrew that motion today.

* Rifqa’s mental health. Assistant County Prosecutor Chris Julian said that a counselor was trying to determine whether 17-year-old, whose full name is Fathima Rifqa Bary, has post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Proof of CAIR’s manipulation

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From MyPetJawa…

Remember this picture from Michael Kruse and the St. Pete Times?

Guess where it was taken?

Here… at Babak Darvish’s office. He’s the director of CAIR Columbus. Here’s another angle showing the cameraman focused on Bary and Darvish’s email open in the foreground.

A closer inspection reveals the email that Darvish had open during this interview.

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Lawyer wants to block Christmas cards

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CAIR Attorney Demands Ban and Seizure of all Christmas Cards sent to Rifqa Bary (Bumped) – via Jawa Report

In a stunning development in the ongoing legal saga of Muslim-turned-Christian convert Rifqa Bary, the parents’ attorney, Omar Tarazi, filed a motion with the Franklin County courts last week moving to ban on all Christmas cards being sent to Rifqa through her attorneys, and demanding the seizure from her of all Christmas cards that she might have already received.

And yet her parents still make representations to the media that they intend to honor and respect her Christian faith, while their attorney files sealed motions stating that Christmas cards are “dangerous to her health and safety”. This news and a copy of the motion were provided to me from a source inside CAIR, who noted that CAIR has raised funds for the Bary’s legal jihad to have the courts return the 17 year-old to her allegedly abusive Muslim family.

According to affidavits filed in the case, Rifqa states that her father threatened to kill her for leaving Islam, which prompted her to flee her Ohio home and take refuge with a pastor and his family in Florida. In an interview with Florida investigators, her father admitted to the incident, but denies threatening her life. The family also attends the terror-tied Noor Islamic Cultural Center in the Columbus area. Both she and the ongoing legal case have since been transferred from Florida back to Ohio.

The court will hear Tarazi’s motion for the ban and seizure of all of Rifqa’s Christmas cards on December 22nd.

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Plan to reunite Rifqa with parents

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Plan says runaway teen convert and parents should talk – via AP

COLUMBUS — A runaway Christian convert and her Muslim family must listen to each other’s views about religion if they are to reunite, a possibility that appears in jeopardy since the girl continues to refuse any contact with her parents or siblings, a caseworker says.

A case-management plan filed yesterday said Rifqa Bary and her parents should hear what each has to say about Islam and Christianity as a step toward a possible reunification. But the plan, written by a government caseworker, also said “severe differences” exist between the 17-year-old girl and her parents over what led Rifqa to run away to Florida over the summer.

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Off to Ohio foster CAIR

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Judge Daniel Dawson has relinquished Florida’s emergency jurisdiction and ordered Rifqa to return to Ohio where she will be placed in Franklin County Children Services. It is unclear whether the parents complied with the judges thrice-repeated demand for immigration paperwork.

This order comes the day after the FDLE interview was released in which Rifqa adamently reiterated the horror she lived with in Ohio for years.

This also comes on the heels of a report from Arizona where an Iraqi man is on the run after driving over his daughter for becoming too Westernized. The daughter’s name? Noor. Ironic? Or a foreshadow?