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“He would beat me” – Rifqa

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The transcript of Rifqa’s interview with FDLE was released. She gives details of her life and the fear of her father. Notably, she asked for a lawyer and was denied; the interviewer validated this denial by saying that only susptects, not victims, get lawyers.

To listen to the interview, click here.

To download the full transcript, click here.

For more coverage of this interview, click here.

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Paperwork due in court at noon

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Rifqa’s parents had until noon on Friday, 10/23/09 to submit passports and immigration paperwork to Judge Dawson in Florida. Because juvenile court records are not public, it is currently unclear whether her parents complied with this request.

There are several possible scenarios with this issue.

1. The parents comply and turn over the documentation that proves they are in the U.S. legally. Rifqa would then be sent to a foster care facility in Ohio.

2. The parents can’t comply because they are illegaly in the U.S. but submit whatever they have. Judge Dawson could send Rifqa back to Ohio even with incomplete documentation.

3. The parents can’t comply because they are illegaly in the U.S. Judge Dawson could decide that Rifqa won’t leave Florida until her immigration status is worked out.

4. The parents can’t comply because they are illegaly in the U.S. The DHS or INS could decide to deport the entire family to Sri Lanka.

Rifqa should be allowed to apply for amnesty. Contact Governor Crist and plead with him to keep Rifqa in Florida. Contact information is on the ‘How To Help‘ tab.

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Rifqa will be returned to Ohio

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Judge Daniel Dawson decided that Ohio holds the proper jurisdiction in this case and will send the girl to Ohio into a foster care facility. He retains Florida’s emergency jurisdiction.

However, the judge has demanded that the family turn over the immigration paperwork that he has requested at the last 3 hearings that the family has refused to disseminate (thus placing the parents in contempt of court). He said Rifqa will not leave Florida until the immigration status of the entire family is resolved.

Pamela Geller was in the courtroom for the hearing. Click here for her report.

Click here for the CBN News report.

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Remember, there’s no such thing as honor killings

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UK to pursue hundreds of attacks as ‘honour crimes’.

From Atlas Shrugs

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Jawa Report: Rifqa’ brother exposes Rifqa’s location to Muslim blogger

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From the Jawa Report:

Our source, who is a member of the Central Ohio Islamic community and is close to the Bary family, claims that Rifqa Bary’s older brother, Rilvan, has repeatedly bragged about providing specific information on Rifqa’s Florida foster family to San Francisco-based Islamic stalker-blogger Davi Barker (whose email is themuslimagorist@gmail.com for anyone who is curious), who claimed in one post that he knew Rifqa’s present location and issued this veiled threat:

I’ll tell you one thing reader… if she’s not safe in Ohio, she’s not safe in Florida. All it took was a little creative Googling and I was able to determine the likely address where she’s staying*… But I digress.

**For the rest of the story, click here.**

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Hearing Update

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1. Rifqa continues to stay in Florida.

2. Her FDLE interview (where she was denied her request for an attorney) remains sealed.

3. Jurisdiction remains in Florida.

Shayan Elahi, the attorney for the parent’s, is doing everything he can to get the case transferred to Ohio. Ohio is holding a hearing today, they have already appointed a Guardian ad Litem and a judge. For more information about the ‘Cloak and Dagger’ efforts of the family, click here.

**UPDATE: In a blow to Elahi’s (and CAIR’s) insistence that this move back to Ohio immediately, the hearing that was scheduled in Ohio for today has been moved to October 27th. The judge will hear both a criminal case and a dependency case on that date. Rifqa’s Ohio attorney has filed a motion for dismissal of the criminal case.

As for the complaint against the Lorenzes, the Orlando Sentinel is reporting that a letter sent to Orlando PD by the father claims Rifqa was ‘indoctrinated and coerced’ and ‘hidden’ by the Lorenzes. Orlando PD say they are not investigating. FDLE also received the complaint, but have not commented about it. The Lorenzes attorney, Mat Staver, said there is ‘no solid basis for the complaint’.

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The Extended Lorenz interview

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FBI Agent says the FDLE report is seriously flawed, recommends further criminal investigation

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It is my professional opinion that sufficient Probable Cause exists to believe that Ms Bary’s concerns for her personal safety are based in a realistic and factual understanding of her situation, and, therefore, a further criminal investigation is warranted. – Agent Guandolo

Read Mr. Guandolo’s full statement here.

FDLE’s miserably misspelled response to Mr. Guandolo’s statement is here:

FDLE has released the following statement to FOX 35 regarding the Bary case:

FLDE conducted a thorough investigation of this situation, and has not developed any information to support any allegations of crimnal activity in Florida, where our jurisdiction resides. We have conbsulted with other relevant law enforcment entitities that have different jurisditinal parameters so that they may act or investigate as they deem appropriate. FDLE does not have the final authority to have Rifqa Bary remain in Florida or be relocated to another state. That authority is with the court of jurisdiction, Our findings have been presented to the court which will consider the facts of the situastions and ultimately make a determination regarding Ms. Bary’s status. FDLE’s invsigative findings serve as one of m any factors xconsidered by the court in making a determination. If at any time, additonal information is provided which would indicate Ms. Bary is in pysical danger, FDLE will review and investigate further.”

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Update from CBN News

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Rifqa’s Attorney files new documents

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John Stemberger, Rifqa’s attorney has filed new documents in the court system documenting extensive research in the Noor Islamic Center, the mosque that Rifqa’s parents religiously attended.

Rifqa’s Affadavit

Investigation of Noor Islamic Center

Please see Pamela Geller’s post for more information about this press release. She has the audio from the conference and further editorials.

Also interesting in Robert Spencer’s article on death for apostasy.